Often termed as ‘forever chemicals’, it is critical for manufacturers and product owners to fully understand if their products contain PFAS compounds.

PFAS screening

At Smithers, our experts perform PFAS testing on a wide range of products including food packaging materials, personal care packaging and cookware. 

PFAS is an incredibly complex, wide ranging set of chemicals, and require specialist techniques and equipment to determine their presence in products, and to quantify the levels at which they appear.

With decades of analytical testing and deep insights that go far beyond just data, Smithers is well-placed to be able to help you determine if PFAS compounds are present in your products and materials. 

Regulatory guidance for PFAS

Smithers experts provide regulatory advice as well as testing to help your team understand current and future regulations.

Smithers PFAS testing support includes: 

  • Total fluorine content screening (Total fluorine, total organic fluorine, total extractable fluorine, total adsorbable fluorine).
  • Targeted PFAS analysis for specific compounds.
  • Identification of non-intentionally added PFAS substances.
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