There are two core drivers for food contact testing; achieving food packaging regulatory compliance or assessing contaminant issues including NIAS and taint. 

Food contact testing for regulatory compliance

The food contact testing team at Smithers has expert knowledge of international food contact regulatory requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of migration testing, taint testing and consultative support to help you comply with current regulations. 

Migration Testing

We undertake standard and bespoke migration testing to help our clients demonstrate compliance on a wide range of food contact materials. 

Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) 

Regulation EU No. 10/2011 states that NIAS (non-intentionally added substances) that may be present in final articles, should be risk assessed using internationally recognised scientific principles. We provide support for companies who need to evaluate if NIAS is present. 


Our experts have a wealth of experience in food packaging testing. This includes investigating taint or odour problems with food packaging.

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