As an internationally recognized premier source of independent tire expertise, Smithers has been in the business of providing objective, third-party assistance to clients since 1925. We have a well-known and respected understanding of tires, including design, rubber compounding, field application, troubleshooting, and cost-per-mile optimization. We help you find ways on saving fuel costs and reducing tire maintenance costs.
Our ability to generate scientifically-based tire rolling resistance data for in-the-fleet tires and retreads, provides fleet operators with an important new tire-selection/cost-management tool. An additional benefit of this tool is that it also advances fleet "green" objectives. Our programs allow fleets to:
  • Enhance an already successful fleet tire/retread program to increase fuel savings
  • Set up tire/retread analysis and performance programs
  • Identify trends through scrap tire analysis
  • Investigate important tire issues that may arise

Common areas of concern for fleets

With so many tire options on the market today, how do you know which ones to evaluate? There is no doubt that some of today’s tires are more fuel efficient than others. Tire manufacturers are placing emphasis on developing more fuel-efficient tires and are heavily promoting them.
How do you get your arms around all the variables that have an effect on rolling resistance? There are many variables that can effect rolling resistance like, driver efficiency, idling time and price of fuel. Add in the variables for tires like performance characteristics, mileage, casing life and traction and you will have a wide range of changing variables.
How can you correctly and objectively, incorporate the benefits of reduced rolling resistance into an established, proven, and smooth-running tire program? If you have established confidence in your tire selection decisions and in the tire and retreading programs that are in place, there may be some hesitation to reassess these decisions through rolling resistance evaluations.

Optimizing Your Fleet Tire Program for Rolling Resistance

Smithers offers fleets a scientifically and technically valid tire management tool that solves these common concerns. Based on the fact that rolling resistance will vary for each type of new tire and each retread/casing combination in your fleet our tool will help you optimize your fleet tire program for rolling resistance – while keeping your proven programs in place. By utilizing a third-party testing resource, the need for complicated, expensive in-fleet fuel consumption tests will be eliminated. Bottom line benefit to fleets? Fuel savings that result from optimal purchasing and placement of the tires and retreads that you already use.
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