Smithers is UKAS ISO 17025 accredited to BS EN 60068-2-1 and BS EN 60068-2-2 for temperature only storage, BS EN 60068-2-30, BS EN 60068-2-38 and BS EN 60068-2-78 for temperature with humidity storage and BS EN 60068-2-14 for thermal shock testing.

Our facilitities

Walk-in chamber
  • Cold to -20ºC
  • Hot to +60ºC
  • Mains supply and lighting.
Other chambers
  • Cold to -70ºC
  • Hot to +90ºC
  • Relative humidity 5% to 95%
  • Programmable cycling.
Circulating fan ovens
  • Hot to 250ºC.
Thermal shock chamber
  • Range from -85ºC to +220ºC.
Lightfastness and weather fastness tester
  • Accelerated daylight exposure
  • Humidity control
  • Water spray.

We also have access to a marine immersion test rig (BS 5609) and a salt spray chamber.

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