Field data recording and analysis expertise

Smithers owns and operates numerous state of the art vibration and shock data recorders from the leading distribution data acquisition system suppliers. In addition, Smithers has supported clients with development and use of their own data recording systems, from off-the shelf data recorders to more complex tailored real-time data capture systems involving remote accelerometer and multi-channel and vehicle position recording. Smithers is also experienced in capturing and analyzing climatic data using remote recorders.

Through our research and analysis development, we understand the importance of:

  • Planning field data recording projects (where and when to record)
  • Communication of project objectives to gain supply chain buy-in
  • Setting up data recorders to gather appropriate and meaningful data
  • Managing field data gathering in developed regions and developing regions such as Asia, Latin America, Africa
  • Intelligent data analysis and interpretation using the latest techniques and research findings

Smithers regularly presents on field data collection, data analysis and application at internationally recognized packaging, logistics and testing events around the world (including ISTA's Transport Packaging Forum in the US; ISTA's Field Data Workshops in the US and Europe; and the IAPRI packaging research events held annually). Our expertise in field data measurement has been used by leading brand owners in support of developing in-house transit tests and development of ground breaking tests for emerging markets.

Vibration recording and lab simulation research

Smithers has initiated and is sponsoring a PhD program in the UK with Bath University to look at vibration measurement and laboratory simulation using real time data capture and reproduction, with the objective to deliver accelerated testing procedures for road shipment, but overcoming the shortcomings associated with random vibration testing.

Project examples of field data recording

  • Field vibration measurement during distribution of fragile integrated circuit (IC) test equipment to evaluate packaging performance
  • Shock, vibration and temperature measurement of fragile food products to benchmark existing packaging format and determine feasibility of new packaging components and methods
  • Controlled shipment test development to benchmark performance of re-usable packaging for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Journey data recording throughout Eastern Europe to develop of custom test methods for personal care products
  • Journey recording spanning Europe to Asia to support damage reduction project for high value child healthcare products
  • Thermal and climatic data recording for a moisture sensitive detergent product being shipped from Europe to Asia
  • Vibration monitoring of new distribution chains for consumer electronics product.

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