We help clients predict, manage and improve the performance of critical polymer-based infrastructure, components and materials. Frequently this involves consultative support with failure diagnosis or materials selection. 

We devise investigation, characterisation and testing programmes based on clients’ specific needs, backed up by expert interpretation of results, guidance and advice.

As experts in service life prediction, we also offer a range of specialist services to test durability and simulate the impact of environmental and service life conditions on polymer materials and components. Our laboratories operate under ISO17025 accreditation.

Support for clients working in Oil and Gas recovery includes:
  • Failure investigations and provision of expert witness
  • Product development
  • Re-lifing of products
  • Material property measurement over a wide temperature range
  • Properties for finite element analysis
  • Material qualification for polymers used in risers, umbilicals, bend restrictors, bend stiffeners, buoyancy modules, cables, pipes, hoses etc.
  • Measurement of the resistance to fluid including tests under high pressure
  • Permeability testing
  • Generation of long term design data
    – Creep, fatigue, stress relaxation and creep rupture
  •  Chemical analysis
    – Material identification, de-formulation, molecular weight, changes in composition
  • Rubber and plastic compound development
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic test samples
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