Dr Andrew Hulme

Principal Consultant in United Kingdom specialising in Plastics

Since 2001 Andrew has been a plastics consultant at Smithers. Andrew provides independent advice on plastics design and manufacturing to end-users and designers of plastic components in all industries, including; automotive, aerospace, medical devices, oil and gas and consumer goods. This includes carrying out many successful failure investigations to determine cause of failure and identify suitable cost-effective solutions.


As a plastics consultant, Andrew specialises in providing durability and lifetime predictions for plastic components in their operating environments so that clients have improved confidence in designs. This involves providing material selection and design advice for the suitability of materials for given operating conditions. This is backed up with a background in manufacturing, injection moulding and FEA simulations, dimensional management and the generation and use of long-term design data.

Andrew also provides advice and expert witness services for legal cases involving any plastic material failures or performance issues.

Qualifications and professional accreditation

Andrew has a First degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College, followed by a PhD from the University of Birmingham.

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