The Future of Production Printing to 2021: Toner vs Inkjet

Quantifies the markets for this print by process – where high-speed inkjet is growing rapidly at the expense of toner overprinting litho shells – and for the end-use sectors, which vary across the world.

Table of Contents Key Facts and Figures

Our exclusive content:

  • 125 tables and figures of exclusive industry data based on primary and secondary research
  • In-depth analysis of the main technology trends and the key issues affecting the toner and inkjet production printing markets
  • Qualitative and quantitative five-year market forecasts broken down by process technology, raw material, end use and geography

What methodology is used?

The Future of Production Printing to 2021: Toner vs Inkjet market data has been developed from the extensive database, with primary research sources and discussions with leading players across the supply chain. Smithers uses primary research, together with cross-checking against secondary sources. Primary research included structured surveys and follow-up interviews with leading players in the toner and inkjet value chain, including selective end users.
Secondary research consisted of multiple sources such as financial reports of publicly held companies participating in the industry, internet websites of key industry supplies, proceedings of industry conferences and publications, including press announcements, and presentations to financial analysts.

What will you discover?

  • In-depth analysis of key market drivers and trends for both toner and inkjet printing
  • The latest developments in technology for the global inkjet and toner markets
  • A breakdown of the production methods for toner and inkjet

Who should buy this report?

  • Inkjet equipment/machinery suppliers
  • Inks and consumables suppliers
  • Printers
  • Print users, publishers
  • Industry consultants and analysts

Name The Future of Production Printing to 2021: Toner vs Inkjet

Date 7/31/2016

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