The Future of High-Performance Elastomers to 2024

The future of high-performance elastomers, estimated to total 1.63 million tonnes in 2019, depends on a number of factors.

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Our exclusive content: 

  • Quantitative forecasts for the growth of high-performance elastomers to 2024, broken down by process technology, raw material, end use and geography
  • Analysis of current and future trends and regulatory factors impacting the market for high-performance elastomers
  • Overview of the key industry players, along with emerging and potential applications and products 

What methodology is used? 

The Future of High-Performance Elastomers to 2024 is based on Smithers Rapra’s in-house primary research and supported by extensive industry data. Primary research involved interviews with industry personnel from across the value chain, including leading suppliers, manufacturers and end users. Discussions with industry influencers supplemented this research. Secondary research was based on an extensive literature review of market and company reports, magazines and journals.

What will you discover? 

  • Growth in demand for high-performance elastomers will continue to be positive for at least the next five years, thanks to increasing demands for safety and the security that a given component will perform under difficult conditions, over an extended life
  • Quantified market data and qualitative analysis of the main drivers for growth, including regulatory factors in production; supply and demand dynamics; as well as new and emerging technologies and applications
  • Five-year market forecasts broken down by process technology, raw material, end use and geography.

Who should buy this report? 

  • Natural and synthetic rubber and polymer suppliers
  • Elastomers producers and users
  • Elastomers processing and testing equipment suppliers
  • Rubber and polymer additive suppliers
  • Consultants and analysts.

Name The Future of High-Performance Elastomers to 2024

Date 6/14/2019

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