Webinar: Medical device design verification for pre-filled syringes

Webinar: Medical device design verification for pre-filled syringes

Webinar ran: June 2018.

Download the recording and slides using the link at the bottom of the page.

Design verification testing is used to demonstrate and document that medical devices conform with their design requirements.

This webinar will include information and expert commentary on:

  • Dose accuracy - ISO 11608-1
  • Connector testing - ISO 80369
  • Worked examples related to the performance characteristics of syringes
  • Test types and key standards
  • USP <382>
  • Residual seal force (vials)
  • Container closure integrity
  • Current industry trends.

Your presenters

With more than 15 years’ experience in materials testing, Chris manages the Smithers Medical Device Physical Testing laboratory in Shawbury, UK.  

Nikki is a Technical Consultant at Smithers with a broad knowledge of packaging materials and processes, together with over 5 years’ experience in package validation testing.

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