Coronary heart disease to drive $22.5 billion market by 2021

Coronary heart disease to drive $22.5 billion market by 2021

The market for technologies and products in the treatment of coronary heart disease is forecast to grow from $12.2 billion in 2014 to $22.5 billion in 2021, according to a new study from Smithers.

Treatment of coronary artery disease by interventional cardiology, through angioplasty and stenting, remains competitive in its clinical outcomes and cost compared to traditional coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) and emerging minimally invasive alternatives to CABG. Further, manufacturers have largely eliminated the concerns about late stent thrombosis that caused a market slowdown in stents, as they have aggressively developed technology developments in stents, their composite materials, and coatings.

A new study from Smithers - The Future of Coronary Heart Disease Medical Devices to 2021 – shows the continued demand for these devices as clinically and cost-effective solutions to coronary artery disease.  In the largest product area, coronary stents, despite an upwards of 90% penetration of interventional cardiology procedures by the use of stents, forecasted stent sales will grow at nearly double digit rates as a result of continued innovations, increasing coronary artery disease prevalence, and robust emerging market uptake. Angioplasty catheters, most often used in tandem with stents but also independently (as in drug-eluting balloon catheters), will sell at an only a slightly lower pace than stents. Manufacturers are also driving development of devices for vascular closure, a prerequisite of all catheterization procedures but which has only recently become a growth area in device development.

Boston Scientific controls the largest share of the market, followed by Abbott Vascular, and increasingly represented by a large number of other companies vying for a market that has undergone competitive upheaval since the departure of Cordis/J&J. 

Based on extensive primary and secondary research, The Future of Coronary Heart Disease Medical Devices to 2021 provides insights into the key drivers and trends shapping the medical device market for treatment of coronary artery disease. The report details the products, technologies, clinical practices, current and forecast markets, companies and opportunities in interventional cardiology: catheters and related products, coronary stents, and vascular closure devices. The report is global in scope with major regional and country-specific data.


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