Webinar: Food contact compliance, colourants, coatings and adhesives

Webinar: Food contact compliance, colourants, coatings and adhesives

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Webinar first ran: Thursday 29 April 2010.


This webinar covers how the regulatory treatment of 'slightly peculiar' materials differs from the treatment of the more typical monomers and additives.

It is desgined for regulatory and quality professionals with responsibility for establishing Food Contact of colourants, coatings and adhesives and professionals with responsibility for products and packages which are made with these materials. 

The discussion focuses on:

  • An overview of the food-contact regulations for colorants, coatings and adhesives in the EU, US, and selected other significant markets
  • Practical guidance on bringing these materials and products made with the materials to global markets in ways which satisfy regulators and customers
  • Special regulatory issues and solutions relating to these materials.
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