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+Plastic Electronics: Digital

Type Subscriptions
Publication date: 01 Aug 2013
Industry: Energy Storage, Imaging and Displays, Lighting and LEDs, Nanotechnology, Plastic Electronics, Solar Power


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Sign Up to the Plus Plastic Electronics Newsletter for FreeGet authoritative analysis of the printed and organic electronics industry by subscribing to +Plastic Electronics: Digital.

Download a previous edition of +Plastic Electronics+Plastic Electronics: Digital is a new subscription only online newsletter and magazine, bringing the latest technology developments and market analysis straight to your inbox.

For only £100 subscribers receive 12 newsletter issues of Smithers Apex's +Plastic Electronics: Digital, delivered to their inbox throughout the year.

The editorial published by +Plastic Electronics gives businesses exclusive, invaluable insight into the technology changes and emerging market trends guiding the industry.

The subscription package

12 issues delivered throughout the year
Access to the digital archive of +Plastic Electronics, which can be downloaded from the Smithers Apex website
What do I receive?

Each month, you will receive a newsletter, containing links to the latest content posted online. Subscribers will also be required to set up a username and password, allowing you access to the exclusive content whenever required. In addition, each month will offer a different PDF download, either a 6-page market analysis or a 20-page Plugged In mini report.


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Date of publication: 01 Aug 2013
Product format: Digital Copy
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