Market Reports

Our off-the-shelf (OTS) report titles are commissioned based on our expert view of which emerging markets, technologies and factors will affect your industry.

Our  reports are constructed using a mixture of primary author research, secondary sources and on going Smithers Apex research programmes conducted by our global market research team.

What's in the reports?

  • Five year forecast of key enabling technologies - expected specifications for each technology within five years along with key drivers and current specifications
  • Company intelligence & analysis of customers or providers to each market -SWOT analyses, assessments of business strategy, sales forecasts, installed capacity and main customers
  • Quantitative five-year market forecasts by region, technology and end-user market - compiled using author research, market interviews and secondary sources
  • Market analysis by region, technology and end-use sector - calculation of the size of today's market in emerging technology areas. Each report shows current size of market and recent historic trends.
  • Intranet licence and searchable electronic version - enabling you to share Smithers Apex market research findings throughout your organisation

Latest Reports