Ten Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Image Sensors to 2022

This brand new report identifies and profiles the top-25 disruptive technologies that are expected to impact the global image sensors market.


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Product detail
Product type: Market report
Date of publication: 31 May 2012
Product format: Digital Copy, Hard Copy
Number of pages: 101
Forecast range: 2012-2021
  • Ten-year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Image Sensors will help you to understand and incorporate the effects of the top-25 disruptive technologies on the industry and your business
  • With transition tables and analysis for each technology, exclusive analysis and ten-year forecasts detailing current and emerging trends, this report is the essential planning and strategy tool for anyone in the image sensors market.



  • Definitions and descriptions of the disruptive technologies likely to impact the future of the image sensors market to 2022
  • Exclusive technology forecasts illustrated with numerous tables and figures
  • Technology transition tables providing forecasts for the next five and ten years for each of the top-25 disruptive technologies


This brand new report is the result of comprehensive primary research, incorporating interviews with a panel of experts (representing a mix of perspectives), and secondary research (conference and market reports, news items, company websites, etc.). The expert responses were tabulated and ranked to form the overall top-25 technologies. Technology transition tables for each of the top 25 were created to provide a more detailed description of each item. The report provides a unique depth of information and analysis on the drivers and trends affecting each technology, and forecasts technology developments in 2017 and 2022.


  • The top-25 disruptive technologies in the global image sensors market and vision systems industries over the next ten years to 2022
  • Key information on the value chain, processes and meta systems that are integral to the technology developments
  • Key technologies that will dominate the market until 2022, in easy to read technology tables


  • Get to grips with developments in the digital imaging and vision systems industries and what they mean for your business
  • Find out about major technology developments and the opportunities they afford
  • Use exclusive data and expert analysis to ensure you and your business are kept up to date


  • Solid-state image sensor device and processor manufacturers
  • Vision sensor module, system and optics suppliers
  • Consumer, industrial and military imaging technology planners
  • Robotics and camera, medical and security vision specialists
  • Business planners, investors and analysts


  • One hard copy of the report couriered (see order form for postage costs) to you on publication date
  • Electronic copy with searchable PDF
  • Global intranet licence allowing everyone in your organisation electronic access to the study

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

  • Introduction
  • Scope and key definitions
  • Methodology

Digital imaging and vision systems value chain

  • Charge coupled device (CCD) sensors
  • CMOS sensors
  • Forward-looking infrared (FLIR)
  • Laser intensity detection and ranging / Laser detection and ranging (LIDAR/ LADAR)
  • Time of flight (ToF) camera
  • Industry value chain
  • How and why modern high-tech markets develop as they do


Atomic-level data storage

Manufacturing equipment and manufacturing processes

  • Nano packaging
  • Nanoscale packages
  • Nanoscale passives
  • Nanointerconnections
  • Nanoscale thermal materials and interfaces
  • Nanobatteries
  • Maskless lithography
  • Lithography for self-aligning miniature optical systems
  • 3-D chip integration
  • Nanoscale circuits

Vision sensor modules

  • Cognitive chips
  • Cognitive vision
  • Organic CMOS image sensor

Platform level systems

  • Computational cameras
  • Computational cameras and the essential third dimension
  • Video content analysis for intelligent visual surveillance
  • Image fusion
  • Robotic visual navigation
  • Visual SLAM robot navigation
  • Visual prostheses
  • Automotive cameras and night vision

Meta systems

  • Robotic automation and autonomous mobile robotics
  • Intelligent surveillance
  • Massive data storage systems
  • Optical computing
  • Terabit optical communications
  • Wireless sensor networks (WSN)
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet impacts
  • Robotic telepresence
  • Robotic swarming
  • Cell phone medical imaging

Summary and outlook

Tables and Figures

  • Digital vision and imaging systems value chain
  • Value chain distribution of the top-25 disruptive technologies
  • Atomic-level data storage: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Nano packaging: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Maskless lithography: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Lithography for self-aligning miniature optical systems: technology transition, 2012-22
  • 3-D chip integration: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Nanoscale circuits: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Cognitive chips: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Cognitive vision: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Organic CMOS image sensor: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Computational cameras: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Image fusion: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Robotic visual navigation: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Visual prostheses: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Automotive cameras and night vision: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Robotic automation and autonomous mobile robotics: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Intelligent surveillance: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Massive data storage systems: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Optical computing: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Terabit optical communications: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Wireless sensor networks (WSN): technology transition, 2012-22
  • Cloud computing: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Internet impacts: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Robotic telepresence: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Robotic swarming: technology transition, 2012-22
  • Cell phone medical imaging: technology transition, 2012-22