• Phosphors Global Summit 2012 Brochure

    Phosphors Global Summit 2012 Brochure

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    Discover more about the speakers at Phosphor Global Summit!

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    Dates announced for Phosphor Global Summit 2012

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A Message from Conference Co-chair Thomas Justel

13 March 2012

Conference Co-chair Thomas Justel shares his thoughts on what attendees can expect at the upcoming Phosphor Global Summit 2012

 The recent years have witnessed the emergence of several new application areas of inorganic luminescent materials. These applications showed up due to the development of specific classes of materials, such as persistent phosphors - which are used in safety signs and radiation detectors - luminescent nanoscale particles as applied in labels and in the field of medical diagnostics, and nitride phosphors which are able to convert blue radiation into other visible colors and near infrared radiation.

The performance of these materials relies in many cases on the understanding of new physical and chemical phenomena and processes, such as persistent luminescence, novel particle coatings, high temperature chemistry, and energy transfer mechanisms responsible efficient conversion processes.

On the other hand, the applications of more conventional inorganic materials in the field of fluorescent lighting, emissive displays, lasers, telecommunication, and so on, are further developing due to the continuous advances concerning the knowledge of mechanisms responsible for the specific optical properties, leading to enhanced performance.

The purpose of the 10th Phosphor Global Summit is to review and exchange the latest findings in the field of luminescent materials and upcoming applications which are related to this area of research. The conference will also focus on the future perspectives of luminescent materials and the devices that rely on them, such as LEDs.

In addition to pursuing the scientific goals, the event will aim to create initiatives that will foster a closer collaboration between industrial and academic research staff, and find ways to enhance interaction amongst researchers active in the field of phosphors.

On behalf of myself and my co-chair, Kathryn Conway, we hope you'll join us March 20-22, 2012, in Scottsdale for Phosphor Global Summit 2012.

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