Our decicated, independent laboratories provides standard and non-standard testing for wide range of drug delivery devices, accessories and packaging to ensure that the product is fit for use.

We also provide a range of integrity tests for medical packaging including: visual inspection, dye penetration, blister seal strength, gross leakage, bubble emission and pressure decay.

Test capabilities include: 

Component Compatibility


Dimensional Measurements

  • Ease of assembly
  • Leakage
  • Stress cracking
  • Separation force
  • Unscrewing torque
  • Coring needle test
  • Anti-needle stick (safety needle) mechanism,
  • Tip cap removal force
  • Assessment of compatibility with intended devices
  • Connection incompatibility with inappropriate devices
  • Glide force
  • Break force
  • Dead space
  • Dose accuracy
  • Injection force
  • Piston seal blowback
  • Spray pattern, leakage
  • Barrel (inner and outer diameter, length, finger flange)
  • Stopper and plunger
  • Label and graduation line spacing

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