Tracy Davies

Supervisor of Materials Testing Laboratory in United Kingdom specialising in Plastics and Rubbers

Tracy has over 23 years’ experience in the physical testing of polymeric materials, moving from the laboratory benches in her early years to her now managerial position of the materials testing team in our UK Shawbury UKAS Accredited laboratory.

The laboratory undertakes a huge range of tasks from straight forward third party standard material property verification to complex bespoke accelerated ageing programs that span several years on product samples.

Expertise: In-depth knowledge of elastomeric testing techniques and their standards. Long-term heat ageing testing program development and delivery.

Tracy managed the groundbreaking DTI funded Weathering of Elastomers and Sealants programme which brought together testing data on over 30 materials generated in global locations for 40 years.


Tracy has a BSc (Hons) in Polymer Science and Technology.

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