Shayira Habeeb

Shayira Habeeb, Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Fate and Metabolism, applies her expertise in Fate studies, including aerobic soil and sediment metabolism, plant metabolism, adsorption/desorption, hydrolysis, aqueous and soil photolysis, and bioconcentration factor analysis. She joined Smithers in 2017 after years of experience at Bayer CropScience (Research Triangle Park, NC) and two CROs. She earned her Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from Madurai Kamaraj University (Madurai, Tamil Nadu State, India). Shayira is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and enjoys undertaking additional research projects to present at scientific conferences.  

Notable publications:

J of Photochem Photobiol A: Chem, 131 (1-3), 101-110, 2000, H Shayira Banu, K Pitchumanib, and C Srinivasan, Dual emission from 4-dimethylaminobenzonitrile in cyclodextrin derivatives.

Chem Commun, (7), 607-608, 1999, H Shayira Banu, A Lalitha, K Pitchumani and C Srinivasan, Modification of photochemical reactivity of trans-2-styrylpyridine: Effect of cyclodextrin complexation.

Tetrahedron, 55 (31) 9601-9610, 1999, Tetrahedron, 55 (43) 12656 (Correction), 1999, H Shayira Banu, K Pitchumani, and C Srinivasan, Effect of cyclodextrin complexation on photo-Fries rearrangement of naphthyl esters.

Proc Ind Acad Sci, 111 (4) 555-561, 1999, P Kannan, H Shayira Banu and K Pitchumani, Syntheses of organic benzyl sulfides from thiols using a modified clay catalyst.

Tetrahedron, 55 (13) 4071-4076, 1999, C Venkatachalapathy, M Rajarajan, H Shayira Banu and K Pitchumani, Clay-supported tetrabutylammonium periodate as a versatile oxidant for alcohols and sulfides.

Tetrahedron Lett, 36 (7), 1149-1152, 1995, K Pitchumani, P Velusamy, H Shayira Banu and C Srinivasan. A novel photorearrangement of benzyl phenyl sulfone encapsulated in β-cyclodextrin.

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