Nadia Kulagina

Dr. Nadia Kulagina has 15 years of experience in assay development for large molecules, toxins and pathogens on various platforms (ELISA, ECL, RIA, Cell-based, Fluorescence, Luminex and microelectrode arrays). In her role as Director of Science, Dr. Kulagina is responsible for scientific oversight, project management and maintains close and regular liaison with clients.

Dr. Kulagina also manages a team of scientists and project managers that support large molecule assay development, validation and sample analysis for biotherapeutics research, focusing on monoclonal antibody therapeutics. Prior to Smithers, she served as Senior Lead Principal Investigator at Covance Labs. Dr. Kulagina holds a Master of Science from Moscow State University, Russia, and a PhD in Chemistry from University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Kulagina has authored and co-authored multiple presentation abstracts, and 22 publications, including one patent.
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