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3D Imaging And Display Technologies

Type Books
Publication date: 10 Oct 2011
Industry: Imaging and Displays


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Three-dimensional (3D) imaging and display technology have moved on dramatically from the days of red-and-blue cardboard 3D glasses that audiences used to wear when watching 3D movies. Advances in 3D were made possible through parallel evolutions of materials, techniques, processes and other technologies that made high-definition 3D images possible -- and commercially viable. Materials such as liquid crystal displays (LCD), plasma screens, organic light emitting diode (OLED) and active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) displays -- and future wonders like graphene -- have the necessary form, fit, shape, and energy efficiency to enable more 3D opportunities. This eBook reviews past technologies used to commercialize 3D, as well as how 3D displays have begun a slow-but-steady crossover from specialty applications to the mainstream consumer market. The future will see 3D displays do much more than provide realistic images; as author David Saddington points out, 3D will evolve into a whole new realm of immersion for and interaction with humans. Breakthroughs such as 3D gesture control, tangible manipulation of 3D objects, augmented reality, and social immersion are some of the new technologies that this eBook posits will ultimately change the way people interact -- with each other, machines and devices, the Internet and the environment.


Date of publication: 10 Oct 2011
Product format: Digital Copy, Online
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