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Exclusive interviews with commercial developers. Identification of important technology developments, and commercial trends and opportunities. Roadmaps for the realisation of new markets. +Plastic Electronics provides unrivalled insight for the fast-moving printable, flexible, and organic electronics industry throughout the year.

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Innovation is crucial for those brand owners and end-users that are at the top of their market or are looking to crack new ones, but it carries huge risk.

+Plastic Electronics takes you inside the strategies of brand owners and end users looking to develop new products using plastic electronics. We speak exclusively with key decision makers at these organisations, their partners and competitors, and industry analysts to offer meaningful insight into how plastic electronics move from the lab to consumer-facing applications.


Don't read just the press release on latest industry developments: +Plastic Electronicstakes you behind the scenes with exclusive interviews and offers editorial insight into the true significance of breaking news.


+Plastic Electronics provides in-depth reports on hot industry topics, whether it be a much-hyped technology or an exciting market. Speaking to key stakeholders across the value chain, our in-depth Plugged in repots ouline the roadmap of development and explain the factors that will determine the future success of this hot technology or market - all captured in an easy-to-digest downloadable supplement.


Want to make sense of the array of market data published about plastic electronics and its various vertical markets? Our Market watch supplements offer insight and context, to make your market data actionable.